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Auto Tint

 Benefits of Auto Tint

When you have window film in your vehicle , you will enjoy all the benefits it can provide with the highest quality film. Here are some benefits

Enhance Appearance

The Solar FX window films add a touch of class to each vehicle.


The Solar FX window films offer the ability to reject heat from the sun during the day and thus make your vehicle provide increased comfort and your air conditioning system works more efficiently.

Better Visibility and Reflection of Light

The Solar FX window films provide low reflectivity inside and outside as well as have better night vision and less light reflection during the day to make your eyes have more comfort while driving.

Reduces Discoloration

By rejecting almost all damaging ultraviolet (UV), the Solar FX window films can help protect the lining of leather or fabric inside your car avoiding discoloration and deterioration.

Unchanging Color

The Solar FX window films offer high color stability and is a selection of movies that have the express warranty that will not fade to purple tone.

Increased Safety

Although the films for automotive Solar FX window cannot avoid glass breakage, they can hold the pieces of broken glass preventing it from spreading in case of accidents or vandalism and thus prevent physical harm or injury to you and your passengers. All the films block nearly 100% of harmful ultraviolet rays, which has been identified as a major cause of skin cancer.

Increased Privacy

These are available in Visible Light Transmission (VLT) from 5% to 50%. The Global window films can make the interior of your vehicle in a more private place yet.

Current Specials

Auto Tint: $10 off $100.00 or more purchase w/coupon

Truck Accessories:  $25.00 Off Spray On Liners (TOFF Bedliner); $20 Off steps, nerf bars and Running boards with coupon.

Commercial Tint: 10% off window tint

Residential Tint: 10% off window tint

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We Use

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-   FXtreme2 & RejectorFX Series Specs